Brown and Son Company - Servicing our community's HVAC needs since 1958.
Harold Brown 1982

Harold Brown, A great man and pillar to the Portland community
 Harold's vision and desire to serve the community started a great tradition of excellence in servicing and installing HVAC systems. Harold started the company in 1958. Years later his son Berry Brown joined his dad in the company. Harold taught Berry all about how to take care of your customers. Harold and Berry worked side by side building a great company that puts its customers first. Berry has always tried to follow in his dad's footsteps, bringing great customer service to their clients. After Harold's passing, Berry continued the legacy that his dad had started. To this day, Brown and Son Company has valued its customers, and thrived on word of mouth advertising, to do the best job they can for the community. Family and community are at the top when it comes to servicing and installing HVAC systems.