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Preventive Maintenance Programs

Saves your Time & Money

To keep the HVAC equipment in your Industrial facility working properly and reliably, the system needs regular preventive maintenance. A planned commercial HVAC maintenance agreement will ensure your heating and cooling system provides efficient indoor comfort when you need it.
Planned maintenance agreements, sometimes called service contracts, are a convenient way to take the stres out of remembering to schedule inspections and tune-ups for your HVAC system. A typical commercial HVAC maintenance agreement will:

·         Provide the maintenance and repair service your heating and cooling system needs to continue working efficiently, effectively and on demand, with the least amount of costly down-time possible.
·         Reduce the possibility of expensive breakdowns or malfunctions associated with neglected equipment, excessive wear and early failure.
·         Ensure your HVAC equipment is checked and tuned up on time each season and on a regular schedule.
·         Allow you to avoid any delays from the rush for maintenance services at the beginning of every heating and cooling season.
·         Relieve you of the need to remember to call for service since your maintenance schedule is tracked and managed.

Preventive maintenance performed as part of a regular commercial HVAC maintenance plan can significantly reduce energy consumption and problems associated with HVAC system function. For example, research by leading manufacturers shows that regular maintenance will:
·         Reduce overall energy consumption by 25 to 30 percent
·         Reduce unexpected breakdowns by 70 to 75 percent
·         Reduce system downtime by 30 to 35 percent
·         Reduce overall equipment repair and maintenance costs by up to 20 percent

A planned commercial HVAC maintenance agreement does add costs to your yearly heating and cooling budget beyond those associated with fuel and energy. However, service agreements remain a wise investment because of the convenience, reliability and peace of mind they provide.
Specialized needs

Most commercial properties require service technicians who have specialized knowledge of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Equipment utilized in commercial settings differs greatly from that used in residential settings, it’s often larger and more complicated, involving a multitude of interconnected equipment and building systems. Therefore, commercial HVAC maintenance providers should have detailed knowledge of various systems used in commercial properties like:
·         Ventilation systems
·         Variable-speed air volume equipment
·         Chilled water systems
·         Clean rooms
·         In-floor air-conditioner systems

Key benefits

Participating in commercial HVAC maintenance offers business owners many benefits, including factors such as:
·         Convenience – As part of a service agreement, your business has immediate access to a carefully chosen contractor, able to handle your building’s needs–quickly.
·         Limited downtime – Many providers perform HVAC service during off-hours, ensuring that your business runs uninterrupted by the maintenance procedures.
·         Lower operating costs – With regular maintenance, businesses ensure that small, minor, less costly problems are dealt with quickly–before they become larger problems that require significant expense.
·         Stable costs – When you participate in a commercial HVAC planned service agreement, your costs are generally fixed, with few surprises in terms of maintenance and labor costs. With one fixed price, you can limit unexpected expenses related to lifetime costs of operating HVAC equipment.
·         Satisfied tenants and employees — Heating and cooling equipment that receive consistent maintenance perform better, and create a more comfortable building in which to work or reside. As a result, building owners and businesses that make maintenance a priority also receive the benefit of satisfied tenants (and a full building) and employees.

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