Brown and Son Company - Servicing our community's HVAC needs since 1958.
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  • Reduces heating and cooling costs - improperly functioning HVAC systems have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. A properly maintained system costs less to operate.
  • Protects your home - assures proper and safe equipment operation.
  • Improves energy efficiency - a well maintained HVAC system will run more efficiently - using less energy and saving you money.
  • Adds years to equipment life - well maintained heating and cooling equipment will work better longer.
  • Improved dependability - our annual HVAC checkup will detect and repair small problems before they cause serious problems, reducing system downtime.
  • Priority scheduling - our HVAC maintenance agreement customers and Preferred Customers receive priority scheduling. If your system has a problem, you will receive same day service to repair it.
     TWO SERVICE CALLS PER YEAR (Spring and Fall) Cost is $99(Save $59)
    One time tune up is $79
*thermostat check
*proper voltages
*heat exchanger
*pulleys and belts (if equipped)
*contacts and relays
*correct airflow
*proper refrigerant charge
*electrical connections
*electric strip cleaners
*condensate pump (if equipped)
*blower assembly
*equipment area
*starting capabilities
*check condensor coil
*check evaporator coil
*condensate drain
*leak inspection
*burner assembly
*safety controls
*proper venting
*fan limit switch
*installation quality
Brown & Son Company services all types and brands of heating and cooling systems even if you did not purchase from us!